Class 7 Reflection

I was really motivated by Kyle’s presentation on PLE. I think partly because when I chose my expert presentation topic, LMS I was hoping it was going to address many the issues that PLE’s address: breaking down the walls of learning knowledge. I only later found out that the traditional LMS is primarily used as a wall.

However, I find one of the key compoments and challenges of the PLE is the ability to share what you know or discover. It really requires a responsible active learner to continue to blog, post, and share knowledge. It also requires a sizeable part of our limited time. I think many learners feel perhaps a waste of time in sharing when they feel that either they are too novice or that no one is listening.

Yet without sharing, the entire system breaks down. I seem to remember reading that only 20% of Twitter users account for 90% of it’s content.

This is certainly a challenge for myself as well. I am starting to think though that the more I am foreced to think, build and share- through blogs, podcasts, twitter whatever- the more confident in my abilities I become and the more concrete my thinking.

How good are you at sharing what you learn? What are some ways in which you do it?