Add Active Learning to Your Next Online Course Video

In recent posts, “Redefining the Role of the Expert Educator” and “Create Your Own Video Training Library” I mentioned the use of video as a powerful tool in what is commonly referred to as flipping the classroom. By having your students watch the informational piece of your class or lecture, you can save in-person classroom time for collaborative discussion.

Yet in a recent article of Faculty Focus online magazine, Emily Moore takes it one step further and offers advice on applying active learning strategies to your course videos. In other words, get your learners to pay attention. You can read the full article online but here are a few highlights.

  • Pose a question at the beginning of each video
  • Present videos in an outline-like structure
  • Embed short graded or self-assessments either in the video itself, or at the end of each video
  • After viewing the video, have each student post the following to a discussion board
  • Have students identify, compare, and contrast the concepts presented in each
  • Have students locate similar online examples and present to the class a second video