Marc My Words: Why I Hate Instructional Objectives by Marc J. Rosenberg

Article from Learning Solutions Magazine

Here! Here! I once had a teacher ask everyone in the class if they read the instructional objectives page (often between (15-30 of them) prior to reading a chapter in our assigned textbook.  To my shock, nearly 75% of the class raised their hand that they do. Really?  I almost always skip these boring Mager like objectives because they just put me to sleep and I’m about to learn whatever it is they are blabbing on about anyway.

In the same class, the teacher advised creating learner centered objectives, highlighting what value the learner will get out of reading – or taking- a course. That makes sense to me. Leave the Mager objectives for the assessment or quiz questions. Use real-life objectives to relate to your learner and show them what’s in it for them.