The Parallax Effect

Every now and again, the hours of hum-drum web trolling are broken by witnessing something that gets my little hairs on edge. Today, that something is the parallax effect. Need examples? Check out this Best of websites examples from AWWARDS. Aside from being really fun, is there a way to apply the parallax effect to[…]

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Flipping the Video

  Karl Okamoto  of ApprenNet describes flipping the video. Watch Here: Summary: The essential is that learners generate video answers in response to proposed scenario challenges. Learners will then get to view the  so called “solution” video, only after submitted their video response to the challenge. Step 1 -Present a scenario challenge to the[…]


Add Active Learning to Your Next Online Course Video

In recent posts, “Redefining the Role of the Expert Educator” and “Create Your Own Video Training Library” I mentioned the use of video as a powerful tool in what is commonly referred to as flipping the classroom. By having your students watch the informational piece of your class or lecture, you can save in-person classroom[…]

Redefining the Role of the Expert Educator

There once was a select group of people who through hard work, dedication and years of schooling, knew almost everything there was to know about a particular topic. They were called experts. While elsewhere, another group of people, eager for information, drove long miles to fill uncomfortable chairs in classrooms and conferences. They were called[…]