May 23, 2011


“It’s a pleasure working with Steve. He put in the time to better understand our content, which helped him ask insightful questions and in turn, helped us get clarity on what we were trying to accomplish. His efforts to learn whatever technologies were new to him, allowed us to focus on the content without spending the time to learn them ourselves.” July 2011

Dr. Larry Carbone,

Senior Veterinarian, University of California, San Francisco


“Steve prioritized our team project and helped keep the rest of us on schedule to complete the course. He took the initiative to learn about the topic and added information that he thought would apply.

We appreciated his patience and flexibility through our discussions.  In the end, his effort to work with us and our collective vision helped create a professional final product that will better reflect current University goals and standards.” July, 2011

Diana Bauer

Clinical Veterinarian, University of California, San Francisco (colleague)


“I love working with Steve because he is smart, proactive, and delves right into whatever it is he is working on. He learned our LMS system almost instantly and has provided first-rate support for it. He is always thinking of how we can improve/update our processes and offers friendly, helpful support to get us through our change efforts. He is one of those rare people you actually look forward to seeing every work day because of his friendly, cooperative demeanor.” September 20, 2010

Katy Liddell, SPHR

Learning Consultant, University of California, San Francisco (colleague)

“Steve is a true self-starter and a fast paced learner who produces quality work. As our instructional design intern, he took on a key project producing an online learning course for our educational program participants. His learning needs assessments were comprehensive and he did an outstanding job of working independently with our internal clients to assure satisfaction. Steve also ramped up on our authorware and learning management system technology quickly and brought design attributes to his training course that exceeded expectation. On top of all of that, Steve was a pleasure to work with and easily integrated into our team. Steve will be a super employee for the organization lucky enough to recruit him.” July 14, 2010

Jason Moehring

Director of Learning & Development, Intrax Cultural Exchange (colleague)


“Steve shows high promise and aptitude as an instructional designer. In his first year at SF State, his work has been exceptional and he has shown extreme interest in learning everything – as quickly as he possibly can. Rather than overwhelming him, his aggressive approach to learning instructional design theory and skills is paying off in excellent projects completed for classes and internships. Steve is early in his career as an ID, but he shows very high promise.” July 5, 2010

Dr. Brian Beatty

Associate Professor and Chair, San Francisco State University (colleague)


“I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Steve and appreciate his ability to be technically savvy in instructional design, tactical in identifying learning objectives and successful in converting content in to learning tools and resources. Steve is a self-starter who exudes a “can do” attitude. He is a valued partner in that Steve freely shares his talents while being open to feedback and review. He is a wonderful team member and would be an asset to any learning group.” October 3, 2010

Patsy Wu Kennedy

Learning Consultant, University of California, San Francisco (colleague)


“Steve made important contributions to our work addressing learning needs at UCOP. He applied his strong knowledge of instructional design principles, identified learner needs, researched solutions, and created engaging and useful training solutions. I particularly valued his creativity, commitment to design, and passion for learning.” July 13, 2010

Tacy Trowbridge

UCOP/UCSF Development and Training Program Coordinator, UCSF (colleague)


“When I first started working as a Personal Travel Consultant at AirTreks, Steve had a major role in training me for the position. He is incredibly patient and detailed– figuring out how to navigate a new industry, especially one with such a high level of new information to learn, is always difficult, but Steve made the process easy and fun. When I took over as Director of Sales, it was my great pleasure to work directly with Steve to develop a training program for new AirTreks Personal Travel Consultants. Steve and I spearheaded a massive overhaul of the training process; it was a big project with a lot of different facets to organize and rework. We still use a lot of the training materials and methods that Steve came up with. In addition to being an excellent person to train with directly, he’s also an amazing ally to have in developing a comprehensive, focused, and organized process for the overall training structure. One of the things I enjoyed most about working with him on this project is that he is someone who likes to get things done and get them done well. He has a great understanding of how best to present a large amount of complex information, and his personality fits incredibly well with the role of teacher and mentor. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” December 11, 2009

Sara Habib

Director of Sales, (colleague)