Class 5 Reflection

What a class discussion we had last week about the use of the term Right Brain vs Left Brain. I found the conversation really somewhat distracting from the overall point of the book. Rather than get wrapped up in science ( of which none of us, as far as I know can speak on with authority) I think it’s important to look at the overall message of the book.

Here is what I got from the first part of the book:

Some people are more creative. Some people are more logical . No one is one OR the other. Each of us has unique talents. Assessment tools in school and work often favor those who are more logical thinking. There is a shift taking place to place a greater value on creative skills.

I would say that all those assertions are undeniable except for the last one: the shift to valuing creative skills. I’m open to hear more about what Daniel Pink has to say on the subject. I can understand the argument that if he is wrong on details (brain science, Arabic etc.) then we can’t trust what he says later on in the book, but I don’t‘ agree with it. Because I found his over-arching assertions true, I am very interested in case for the R-directed shift.

Oh yes, and great job to Dru and Elizabeth for their Google Wave presentation- pretty cool tool and I’m eager to try and use it.