New Year’s Resolution #3- Drop a Few Pounds of eLearning

A new year and new pledge to get healthier. I’ve tried it all before, no red meat, only red meat, sprint a mile, walk the stairs, hop one leg. It doesn’t work and I know it. There’s no silver bullet and no matter how hard I try, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson won’t be there when Read more about New Year’s Resolution #3- Drop a Few Pounds of eLearning[…]

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Flipping the Video

  Karl Okamoto  of ApprenNet describes flipping the video. Watch Here: Summary: The essential is that learners generate video answers in response to proposed scenario challenges. Learners will then get to view the  so called “solution” video, only after submitted their video response to the challenge. Step 1 -Present a scenario challenge to the Read more about Flipping the Video[…]

Stock Photography Sources for eLearning

Thank you Tony Karrer. I have been referred to general stock photography sites like i-stock photo for many training projects and as Tony points out in his blog, these images are not really suited for the character driven e-learning environment. He provides a list of e-learning specific image sites. Stock Photography Sources for eLearning list Read more about Stock Photography Sources for eLearning[…]