Creative Learning Solutions


Needs Analysis

Off the shelf solutions often produce off the shelf results. I work to identify the true performance gaps, understand learner challenges, and make detailed recommendations that align with the business need.

e-Learning Design

The crowded media landscape means that there’s more competition than ever for our attention. I integrate learning theory with modern design to deliver a product that’s both engaging and meets the learning objectives.

Performance Support

Sometimes the most effective solution is one that’s easily accessible. Whether it’s a job-aid, video, infographic, animation, illustration or post-it note, I can help you design material that will help learners apply what they learn, when back on the job.



eLearning VIDEO Job-Aids ANALYSIS

I'm an Instructional Designer specializing in creative eLearning solutions to help solve performance challenges. Most adult learners question how learning material is relevant to their job or life. They expect choices, demand realistic scenarios and have little patience for boring information dumps. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to make online learning engaging and useful. I’m happy to show you what I can do for your business or project.

  • 2014 Gold Medial Winner

    Association for Communication Excellence

  • 2012 Conference of National Extension and Research Administrative Officers Presenter

    Principal Investigator Training

  • 2010 M.Ed, Instructional Technology

    San Francisco State University


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